South San Francisco Bay, CA
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The Judgmental Map of the South Bay reminds me of when I lived there.  And I lived there too long.  Actually, that’s not completely true.  It was OK until the last two or three years.  The bad memories are worst from then.  but I digress. 

The judgmental descriptions were just as apt in the 1960s to the middle 1970s as they seem to be today.  That’s except for the judgmental crap that didn’t exist 40 years ago.  The area just east of Alviso, right along the Bay did—in my opinion—smell like shit.  But that had to do with the content of the Bay mud as much as it did the local shit quotient. 

The gooey, moldy, mountainous forested area between La Honda and Portola Redwoods was (and evidently remains) a good place to stash a body.  Back in the 1969s (I use the date exactly, BTW), it was a good place to hide an entire cult, complete with unregistered births, deaths, an economy, buildings and maybe some space aliens and don’t ask how I know that.  Because I don’t know how I know, I just know.  But 1969 was an interesting year, trailing off to 1973. 

The SW part was, and may remain, a good place to bring people rescued from the flyover states to start a new life.  God knows it worked for me in another part of the South Bay that’s not on this map. 

Had I remained, or even perhaps had wits about me when I was still there, I would have attended college at a place that’s located within the confines of this map like my aptitude tests suggested I should.  And not at the place on the hill that everyone could see, even from Skylab.  If I hadn’t ended up at an IPO I’d have ended up as a Ferrari service tech and that’s no joke! 


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Lt Colonel Fighting Jack Churchill, aka Mad Jack

  • fought throughout WW2 with a longbow and a broadsword
  • was also known to bring bagpipes
  • he volunteered for the Commandos, not because he knew what they did but “because it sounds dangerous”
  • he crawled out of a concentration camp
  • about the end of WW2, he commented “If it wasn’t for those damn Yanks, we could have kept the war going another 10 years.”
  • atta boy

dear god

How to be batshit with a load of epic.

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Everytime I see this I reblog it. Jack Churchill is my hero.

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A Multi-Camera 360 Degree view of the Stars. No animation, and not Tampered with.

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